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From an interview with Kate Potthast, head midwife of Family Centered Birth:
Go here to read the full interview with Kate Potthast, LM, CPM

From our initial consultation onward, Kate was always sure to spend extra time with me, thoroughly answer my questions, and treat me with the skill of a trained professional yet the gentleness and tenderness of a close friend.

- Leah, Riverside

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Welcome to Family Centered Birth!

At Family Centered Birth, we work to empower YOU to be healthy and happy throughout your pregnancy and birth. If you are choosing to birth at home, we help you prepare for the safe and happy birth that you're dreaming of. Our professional Licensed Midwives will be there for you, to help you have the birth experience that YOU desire.

At Family Centered Birth, we strive to help you achieve the birth of your dreams.

Because Birth Matters.  

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We service Riverside County and nearby areas, about an hour radius from our birth center. This includes:

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At Family Centered Birth, We Care About YOU!

Looking for a Better Birth Experience?

Mission & Vision

Are you or is someone you love pregnant?

Have you had a poor birth experience in a hospital?

Or are you just looking for a more natural alternative?

You deserve the birth you want!

And you deserve loving pre-natal care along the way!

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The Mission of Family Centered Birth:

Our mission is to provide a safe environment and supportive team so that women can birth in the way that they choose.

The Family Centered Birth Vision:

To be able to provide respectful, compassionate care for all pregnant women that desire a natural birth. 

Imagine a caregiver who answers your questions with heartfelt sincerity.

Imagine a birthing environment that caters to your personal desires.

Imagine feeling safe and supported as you bring your baby into this world.

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The reason this mission is so important is because how a mother feels about her birth will effect how she feels about that child—and that lasts much longer than just the labor. It lasts for the rest of their lives. She’s going to bond with that child, and that child is going to bond with her. Remember, the child is also having an experience of birth. The baby is coming into the world gently—is being treated very gently and respectfully during their birth experience—and that makes all the difference! This is going to form their whole concept of the other people that they meet in their life. It’s foundational. As we now know through psychology, the birth process is going to affect them for the rest of their lives. So our mission is not only to help women have the birth they want, but to help more children come into this world with a solid foundation in life—by giving them a peaceful and happy birth.