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Come check out our gorgeous birth center! Clean and up-to-date, our center features two beautiful birthing suites, a kitchen area, and plenty of seating if you should choose to have guests at your birth. Each of our birth suites features a large birthing tub, private bathroom, and peaceful home-like decor.

We take great pride in our facility, and our friendly staff is focused on helping you have the birth you want.

You'll love the atmosphere here at Family Centered Birth!

Come take a free tour of the birthing center and experience its peaceful, homey feel. By appointment only.

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Considering water birth for pain relief in labor?
We are well-equipped to provide water birthing options at our birth center. Water birth can provide safe, effective pain relief in labor, a more comfortable way to birth, and an easier transition into the world for your baby. Ask the midwife about the benefits of water birth during your free consultation. If you choose to birth in our center, each of our birth suites offers a spacious, built-in birthing tub.  You'll never want to birth in a hospital again!

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The Birth Center

Looking for an Alternative to Hospital Birth?

Birth Center in the Inland Empire

Tell me about the birth center. How is it different from a hospital?
It’s different from a hospital in that we desire to be part of a birthing team—which includes the birthing mother—rather than being an authority that’s making all the decisions. Our desire is to inform and advise our clients. We try to make women comfortable and not push anything on them that they don’t want. Whereas hospitals sometimes have tight protocols that are geared toward the general population. We are much more individualized in our care. We know who our women are, what they like, what they don’t like, what their fears are. We know a lot more about them at the time of birth and we support them individually in the birth process.

What do you think people are looking for in coming to a birth center rather than the hospital?
A supportive environment, a calm and relaxing environment, and competent care. In general, I think women come to a birth center because they want a more respectful environment.

How does Family Centered Birth meet that need?
We see each woman that comes to us as an individual that’s only going to go through this pregnancy and this birth journey one time. It’s a sacred event in her life! While there is a need to monitor and make sure that she’s normal and that she and baby are both safe and healthy, it’s also primarily a journey to be respected. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event. You will only have this child once. We give a large amount of respect to the mother and to the newborn’s adventure in coming into the world. After the birth, we do our best to keep mother and baby together. We don’t clamp and cut the cord immediately. Ideally, mom holds her new baby skin-to-skin immediately after the birth. We make sure that baby is transitioning well from that place of connecting to mother. Our goal is to keep mom and baby together as they make this transition from the baby being inside to the baby being separate. The bonding of this precious newborn child with their new family is of the utmost importance. We protect that sacred space so that mom and baby can bond.

Have you had a poor experience in a hospital?

Are you considering having your next baby in a birthing center?

You’ve come to the right place!

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Our Birth Center

Imagine a peaceful, quiet environment where you can gently bring your baby into this world.

Imagine low lights, a homey atmosphere, and an environment focused around You.

Imagine qualified, experienced care providers working to make your birth a safe, comfortable, empowering experience.

At Family Centered Birth, we believe you deserve the birth you want!

Go here to read the full interview with Kate Potthast, LM, CPM
From an interview with Kate Potthast, head midwife of Family Centered Birth:

Alternative Birthing Centers have excellent safety records and are a reasonable option for low-risk women.  

Kate Potthast created Family Centered Birth because of her desire to offer birthing women more choices.
At Family Centered Birth, we offer you choices in your prenatal care and birth preferences, including natural childbirth, water birth, and VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). We know that birth is safer when mother is comfortable and relaxed. We strive to support and nurture women through their pregnancy, birth, and beyond.​

Water Birth at the Birth Center