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Water Birth in Your Own Home

Have you considered the benefits of birthing your baby in the comfort of your own home?

Do you like the idea of staying home while you’re in labor and having a birth professional come to you?

Imagine laboring and birthing in the comfort of your own home.

Imagine setting the lights, the music, the atmosphere just the way you want it while you give birth.

Imagine relaxing and staying home while qualified, experienced care providers come to you to attend your labor.

At Family Centered Birth, we believe that a suitable home environment is the best place to birth your baby. You deserve to have a peaceful, beautiful, comfortable birth at home if that’s the place you want to be.

Tell me about home birth. How is it different from hospital or birth center birth?
I love home birth. It’s different because we bring all the medication and equipment to you and you stay at home. If you feel like it might be time but you’re not sure, you call us and we come check you. You don’t have to worry about coming into the birth center and being turned away because it’s too early in labor. And when you’re done birthing your baby, we help tuck you into your own bed so you can rest there. We do all the other things that we need to do in your own home, and then we go.

What do you think people are looking for who seek out a home birth?
To be in a comfortable environment, to stay in their own home, and not have to worry about traveling. There are no bags to pack. Any other kids can just stay there if that’s desired. It’s just easier on the mother and often on the whole family.

Do home birthers often have special requests or requirements about their birth? And how respectful are you of those requests?
Yes. We try to be respectful of every birthing mother’s requests. We strongly feel that the birthing process goes best when the birthing mother is in the most comfortable environment surrounded by the people she is most comfortable with—whether that’s a private home birth with just her and her partner or a birth with 20 people around. It’s her choice. Whatever she’s going to be most comfortable with is what’s going to be best for her.

What types of things do people request for their home births?
Quiet music, candles, sometimes keeping people out of the room. They usually want privacy. They usually want quiet. They usually play their own music or watch their own TV shows or whatever it is that makes them feel good. They often have candles set up. There’s usually a box of the stuff that we require for the birth and another box of the stuff that they’re going to want—towels, blankets for the baby, and clothes for the baby. And there’s usually a third box that’s got their own candles that are going to be just for the birth, their own essential oils that are going to be used just for the birth, and her clothes—she’s often got a special outfit picked out that she wants to wear for the birth.

How do you feel you meet the needs of clients who want a home birth?
In my heart of hearts, I’m a home birth midwife. I feel that if the home is suitable for birthing in, and if the mom is comfortable there, that’s probably the best place to birth. We instinctively want to create a nest, and we want to give birth in that nest. We don’t really want to pack up in the middle of labor and go somewhere. It’s often instinctive to want to give birth in your own home.

Is It Safe?

From an interview with Kate Potthast, head midwife of Family Centered Birth:

Giving Birth At Home

Home Birth

Can you have a water birth in your own home if you don’t have a bathtub big enough?
Absolutely! We are well-equipped to provide a water birth option in the comfort of your own home. Water birth can provide safe, effective pain relief in labor, a more comfortable way to birth, and an easier transition into the world for your baby. Ask the midwife about the benefits of water birth during your free consultation. If you choose to birth at home, we will provide you with a sturdy, portable birthing tub rental at no additional cost.

Our goal is to help you have the safe and happy birth you are dreaming of!

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Absolutely! Home births (attended by a midwife) have safety statistics at least as good, if not better, than hospitals. Our professional Licensed Midwives will help you prepare for your home birth. We ensure that you have a sufficient birth kit and are well-prepared for delivering your baby at home. We bring portable medical equipment to home births to ensure safety for you and your new baby. And we bring a wealth of knowledge, skill, and experience!