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Tell me about natural birth. How is it different from a typical hospital birth?
Well, natural birth starts long before the moment of birth. It has to do with not intervening unless there’s a reason to intervene. So, for the women who come to us and desire to have a natural birth, our goal in supporting them is to not intervene unless some unforeseen thing comes up where we need to step in. We’re not opposed to medical intervention, but we think that in the medical community at large, interventions are overused in area of maternity care and birth.

What do you think people who are looking for natural birth are actually looking for?
I think they’re looking for a supportive environment to have the birth that they desire. I think they’re looking for people who are going to respect their wishes and their choices about their birth and with their newborn child.

And how does Family Centered Birth meet that need?
We respect women’s choices. We care about what they want for their birth and their baby, and we strive to make their birthing process match what they have envisioned for it.​

What about dealing with pain in labor? What options do you have to help women with labor pain?
Our biggest pain relief option is what we call the “midwife epidural”—which would be the water, the tub. Most women find the birth tub comforting during labor. But we find that there’s less need for pain relief when women are comfortable in their environment. Whether it’s at home or in the birth center, when the birthing mother is comfortable, they don’t have as much need for pain relief. When you’re comfortable with the people around you, when you’re in the clothes that you’re comfortable in rather than being put into a hospital gown, when you feel supported, when the lights are low, when you’re listening to music that makes you happy, you simply don’t have as much need for pain relief, in general. In this relaxing setting, your body instinctively tells you what position to get in when the contraction comes, and it’s not as painful. 

From an interview with Kate Potthast, head midwife of Family Centered Birth:
Go here to read the full interview with Kate Potthast, LM, CPM

Considering a Water Birth?

Natural Birth

Are you considering the long-lasting benefits of having a natural birth?

Avoid the hospital and come birth with us!

Imagine having a midwife who seek to allow your birthing process to proceed naturally.

Imagine a caring provider who avoids medical interventions and teaches you to trust your body.

Imagine being supported in a loving, natural environment while you bring your baby into the world.

At Family Centered Birth, we believe that medical interventions should be avoided unless they are actually necessary. We believe in the natural process of a mother giving birth to her baby. Sure, we have medical equipment to intervene if it is necessary, but we do all that we can to support the natural birthing process without using that equipment. We strive to make your birth as natural and beautiful as you want it to be. We even work to empower YOU through the process!