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From an interview with Kate Potthast, head midwife of Family Centered Birth:

Prenatal Care

Prenatal Care at Family Centered Birth

At Family Centered Birth, we provide comprehensive prenatal care for the duration of your pregnancy. Our care is personal, attentive, and compassionate. We follow a standard care schedule for routine prenatal visits. At each visit, we check on the wellbeing of both mother and baby to ensure that you receive the best care for your pregnancy.

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Wondering about the quality of our prenatal care?

Imagine a caregiver who answers your questions with heartfelt sincerity.

Imagine prenatal visits where your midwife takes the time to get to know you and help you feel comfortable with them.

Imagine a care provider whose goal is to empower YOU!

At Family Centered Birth, we believe your health care should be driven by YOU. If you want children or other family members at your prenatal visits, we welcome them. If you have questions, we answer them. We take the time to get to know you as our client. When it comes to the birth of your baby, we want you to be comfortable with everyone present.

Tell me about the prenatal and maternity care that you offer. How is it different from what doctors offer?
We leave extra time to get to know our clients and so that they can get to know us. We also provide time to make sure that questions are answered. We go through all of the same checks that a doctor would to make sure that mom and baby are healthy. We do urine testing. We do blood pressure. We listen to the baby. We make sure that the baby’s heart rate is normal. We do blood work if necessary. We don’t do routine vaginal exams because they can be traumatic for a lot of women. If there is a reason for it—either to provide information that the mother wants to know or if we feel like it would be helpful in managing the upcoming labor and birth—then we might do a vaginal exam. But it’s not part of the routine exam simply because it doesn’t really give us any good information most of the time. Why put mom through something invasive like that when it’s not necessary? We’d rather spend the time talking to our clients. If we find out that she’s got any unusual symptoms going on, we see if there’s a way we can address those symptoms with diet changes, supplementation, or other gentle and natural methods. 

What do you think pregnant women are looking for in the area of prenatal care?
I think they’re looking for someone who’s going to take the time with them to make them feel like they’re a real person. They are a person who can think, who has questions, and who has a right to have the answers to those questions explained to them. They need to feel connected to their care provider and to feel like their care provider actually cares about their life, their pregnancy, their birth, and their upcoming family journey.

How does Family Centered Birth meet that need?
By welcoming the entire family into prenatal visits—whoever our client feels comfortable having there. If she has children, we want to get to know those children. We want her to feel like she doesn’t have to make special care arrangements for her other children in order to come to her prenatal visits. We want our clients to feel comfortable and welcome to come just as they are. There might be things going on in our client’s life that day. We want to know what that day is like. We want to hear about it. It’s important for them to get comfortable with the whole birth team at their prenatal visits.