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I was 30 weeks pregnant when I started having nightmares about returning to the hospital to deliver my second child. All through my OBGYN visits I was feeling neglected and was experiencing the long one hour to two hour waits, followed by the five to ten minute actual visit by the physician. When the nightmares started, a fear inside me set in. Would this birth be similar to my first hospital delivery? My first delivery was absolutely horrific! The hospital staff was negligent, incompetent, and had it not been for my mother’s support in the room, I have no doubt in my mind that my daughter might have died. The physical, mental, and emotional suffering they caused me was irreparable! I have deep physical and emotional scarring from that day. A day that was supposed to be wonderful and joyous, but it was taken away from me. I was reluctant to deliver my second child in fear! So I did what I knew was the best decision for both me and my unborn child. I decided to have a home birth. When I first met Kate, there was an immediate sense of trust. She met me at home one afternoon and even though she did not know if I was going to hire her, she did not rush the appointment. It was wonderful to sit down and discuss all of my fears, my plans, and my personal preferences about my daughter’s arrival. I felt like I was talking about a dream, which I was hoping would come true. Kate listened attentively and then proceeded to evaluate me as a candidate for a water birth at home. I was! I hired her as soon as I could! My first consultation with Kate was painless and she turned it into an introduction appointment. I got to learn about her background as a midwife, her family, and she just spoke with so much passion about midwifery, she delivered comfort to me and above all made me feel like I had found the right support. All of my appointments were no less than an hour, and she was extremely attentive, right in the comfort of my home! I can’t remember if it was our third or fourth appointment, we were meeting weekly since I was so close to my due date, and my parents wanted to meet her. My mother especially, was very curious about the water birth. Kate answered all my mother’s questions and she was so polite and wonderful to introduce to my family. It further confirmed that I had made the right choice. Well, two weeks before my due date, on Thursday, July 11th at 6:00am I woke up to labor pains. I knew they were not Braxton hicks contractions, they were a little stronger and a little longer than that. I smiled and woke up my husband. “I guess we’re having a baby today,” I said. I knew it would be a while before the real contractions kicked in, so I told my husband to go to work, but to keep his phone handy just in case. Around 7am my body started to, we will call it evidence, deliver evidence that began to confirm I would go into labor later that day. So I calmly reached out to Kate and sent her photos of my progress. I think I was too calm, and when I spoke with Kate the first time she was under the impression I was “not in labor.” I went about my business as normal, and took breaks to breathe when necessary. Around noon my mother arrived for back up. We thought it was a good idea to start prepping snacks and prepping the room for delivery. That pretty much took the entire afternoon and by the time we were done, my husband arrived home from work. He took one look at me and said, “so we are having a baby!” It was around 6:30pm when I called and text Kate asking her to please come and prep for delivery. When she arrived around 7:30pm, she checked me to see far along I was… to her surprise I was about a 7 or an 8! She immediately called her assistant/doula, Tania. It all progressed very quickly from there. I was contracting very closely together by then, so my breathing was harder, and my pains were stronger. In all honesty, I don’t know what everyone was doing around me at this point? I was in pain and trying my best to surrender to the moment, so I was not paying much attention to anyone other than me! HAHA. However, I had a strong feeling of trust that everyone, especially Kate, was preparing to deliver this baby girl. These women were there for support and comfort. They were not holding me hostage to a bed in a cold room. They were trying their best to make me feel calm and comfortable. When I got in the pool, the whole mood changed. I surrendered to the moment. Suddenly a loud “POP!” from within me. The next push would deliver my daughter’s head, and the next one would deliver the rest of her body; the most magnificent moment arrived. Next thing I know, my little girl is in my arms and I was overwhelmed with joy! I was surrounded by people I love and the happiness in the room following my delivery was like no other. Usually, that would have been the end to my story, but no. It got better. As soon as Aaliyah was born, Kate and Tania jumped into their Super-Midwife roles! It was amazing. These ladies cleaned up the whole room. They made sure that momma and baby were bonding comfortably in their bed. After feeding my daughter for the first time, it was time to fix me up. Unfortunately, due to a previous episiotomy, I tore. No problem! Kate and Tania were able to stitch me up. Kate was especially careful each time she had to add a stitch. She would warn me when the pressure was coming and before I knew it, that ugly part was over and I had my daughter back in my arms. A night I will never forget. If what you are looking for is kindness and genuine care, then call Kate. She is an amazing professional and her support network is also amazing. She will walk you hand in hand every step of the way until your beautiful child is resting comfortably on your chest. I am so grateful to have come across her path and feel so blessed to have been able to hire her.  My daughter is already one year old. Thank you Kate! 

- Diana, San Bernardino

We were very fortunate to have Kate be our midwife for the home-birth of our 5th child in November 2012. Kate made herself completely available to our family at a time when no one else would. Her calm and caring nature made a situation, that most would consider near impossible, transpire in a smooth and natural way. Thank you Kate so much for being there, for your sincere kindness and for your care.

- Valerie, Lake Elsinore

From the beginning we knew Kate was the right choice for us. She was able to answer all our questions regarding home birth and was even able to put my husband's concerns at ease; and boy did he have many! During my pre-natal appointments, Kate answered all my questions, informed me about all procedures and gave me all my options regarding my care. During my delivery she was amazingly calm and soothing throughout the entire process; which gave myself and my family the ability to do the same. She was able to provide me and my husband many different options during my labor and always left it up to us to decide. We had an amazing experience we had with Kate and would use her again.

- Katrina, Riverside

I came to Kate about 6 months into my second pregnancy. I had been throwing around the idea of a homebirth since I was very unhappy with my first hospital birth. After my consultation with Kate I knew that is exactly what we needed to do. Kate has so much knowledge and makes me feel so comfortable. My birth was amazing. I went just past 42 weeks and she really helped me with the stress and discomfort of being “overdue”. She informed me of all of my options and let me decide what route I wanted to take. If it wasn’t for her comfort and reassurance I don’t know what I would have done! When labor day finally came I was in denial that it was actually happening. Kate said she was going to stop by anyway to check on me. I am so glad she did! Within 2 hours of her arriving she was catching our baby girl! That midwife intuition! Postpartum she was so helpful and caring during recovery. I am now pregnant with our third baby and Kate was the first person I told (besides my husband!). I can’t wait to have another amazing birth with Kate. She is part of our family now and is dear to our hearts!

- Danielle, Corona

For the birth of our last child we were really unsure about what/how we wanted to do things.  I was struggling with our then OB because as soon as he heard I was pregnant (without any discussion) he told me I needed to stop breastfeeding our then 7mo old son.  I knew this wasn't right.  I did my research and I knew that it was ok to breastfeed while pregnant.  I struggled with this and second guessed myself.  After that, I had food poisoning and had an ER doctor tell me "it may come down to choosing between the life of my unborn baby and my life."  At that point I was done with hospitals and doctors.  I talked my husband into the free consultation with Kate and from that moment on we were sold ... on Kate!  We chose to have a home water birth, after two previous very invasive hospital births.  My husband was very skeptical and from our very first visit with Kate, she put my husband and I at ease.  Kate is amazing with her knowledge and helped us to learn and understand so much about ourselves and our new adventure.  Kate is very patient, my husband and I had tons of questions with every visit.  We enjoyed the fact that she was so open to us having our lil guy there and never seemed annoyed or bothered by him.  She helped me to believe in myself and my body to do exactly what it was intended to do during labor.  In the end we were blessed to have our home water birth and even when I was so overly critical of myself and how I went thru the labor and delivery of our little Zadie girl, she continued supporting me and encouraging me.  I am so thankful for this experience and for Kate.  Thank you!!!

- Sandy, Riverside

Kate… I just found out I am pregnant again and after my home birth, I could never have a hospital birth again!
Isabelle is 11 days away from being 1. We had such a great experience having Isabelle born at home. The recovery was very quick and I just loved being able to just go to my bed right after she was born. I didn't get to make it in the water since Isabelle came so fast but I hope to have that experience with baby #3 :)
Your knowledge and motherly attention was so reassuring and even when Isabelle was a day old and needed to go to the hospital- you went above and beyond and came to visit us as well as reassure us.
​Thank you! Thank you! and Thank you!! <3

- Deana, Riverside

With Kate's support and guidance, I felt worlds more comfortable in my pregnancy, labor, and early mamahood than I had in the hospital birth of my first child. Kate made me feel that my birth was just that: mine. It did not need to look like the homebirths that I had seen in order to be perfect for me. With Kate's support, I felt comfortable embracing the pain and exhaustion of my birth. She guided me toward a realization that the pain could be part of the magic of birth, rather than an unfortunate side-effect. Kate's friendship, patience, and openness were invaluable, and I am so grate​​ful that she was my midwife.

- Cassie, San Bernardino

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Family center birth is an amazing place in a personal level. They helped us to answer all the questions anytime not just the appointment day but through text messages and phone calls.Their support in labor specially to have many options to how I can give birth. We totally recommend this place and it's faculties!!!

- Gianni, Riverside

Kate is wonderful!  Throughout my pregnancy, I loved how at every appointment she took so much time to discuss every little concern I had.  I never felt rushed. She had so much information and I loved how she had reading material to share about our health and preparing for the birth.  The birth of my youngest son at home was such an amazing experience.  I owe so much thanks to Kate and Tania (the midwife assisting).  My oldest son was a hospital birth and the two experiences were like night and day.  At home I felt comfortable and in control.  I felt respected.  The midwives made me feel like they had faith in me to give birth to my baby.  That strengthened my faith in myself!   They respected the way I felt comfortable laboring, with minimal distractions yet I was comforted that they were there watching over me.  And they were so respectful in giving me the birth that I wanted.  My husband was so comfortable being at home that he was able to be such an amazing support person for me and I was thrilled that he caught our son when he was born.  And when my younger sister popped in and decided to stay for the birth she was welcomed.  The ability to bond with my baby was amazing.  He was able to stay  with me and my husband when while we were cared for and checked over.  Kate was so gentle and loving with him!  It means so much to me that my son made his entry into this world feeling only loving hands, in the peaceful and loving environment of his own home with his family.  The midwives were amazing help after the birth and it was so nice to have Kate come back to our home for the post natal visits. We are planning one more to make our family complete and I am looking forward to having the same kind of experience next time!

- Jessica, Riverside

I had planned to have a home birth with my son, my first, and chose Kate as my midwife. From our initial consultation onward, Kate was always sure to spend extra time with me, thoroughly answer my questions, and treat me with the skill of a trained professional yet the gentleness and tenderness of a close friend. I could count on her to give me her honest advice and opinions yet ultimately respect my choices after giving me fully informed consent throughout my prenatal care. Unfortunately, I risked out at 31 weeks due to preeclampsia and was not able to have the home birth I so desired. Kate saved my life by urging me to go to the hospital in time. Preeclampsia is a strange disease - other than some swelling, I felt totally fine. If it weren't for her watchful care, I would not have realized I was sick before it was too late to get the care I needed. Kate was supportive every step of the way. She gave me emotional support and even came to visit me during my hospital stay. My son was born premature, had a lengthy NICU stay, and a lot of struggles breastfeeding upon discharge. Kate gave me a lot of support and advice over the phone and even came to visit once my son was home and to help us with some of our breastfeeding issues. My son is 9 months old, breastfeeding like a champ, and doing fabulously otherwise. Even though I did not get the birth I desired, I cannot express how grateful I am that I had the gentle and respectful prenatal care I got from Kate, and that her skill and discernment as a midwife literally saved my and my son's lives. I have absolutely no regrets and cannot recommend her highly enough. ​

- Leah, Riverside

As an OB Nurse, I’ve had plenty of exposure to the hospital birth world, more than enough to know that it wasn’t for me. I wanted a natural birth with minimal interventions/interruptions with people who trust that a woman's body was made to give birth, and who wouldn’t undermine the process or offer me medications I didn’t need. We found Family Centered Birth and decided that the hour commute would be worth it to have Kate, Genevieve, and Celeste care for me and our baby. I passed my due date and was quickly approaching 42 weeks gestation. I was freaking out a little knowing that most Doctors push women into getting induced ~40 weeks (due to their concern for placental oxygenation and amniotic fluid levels). Kate knew I was too in my head with my antepartum knowledge and reassured me to trust my body and offered to give me an NST to ease my concern. She also did everything she could and gave me lots of advice on what I could do to kickstart labor. Eventually my baby decided to come. Kate, Celeste, and my husband helped deliver my beautiful, healthy, 9lb 2.5oz baby girl. I cannot say enough good things about my the prenatal/labor/postpartum care my baby and I received. I’m so grateful to have gotten the simple birth my husband and I wanted. 

- Michelle, Victorville

We loved our weeks when Kate came over. We knew we get to center in, ask our questions, and celebrate the little miracle that we could not wait to meet. It was our first so we were nervous, so we decided to see an OB and Kate.   I realized that I could not wait to meet with Kate, for our time with our OB was so quick, clinical and about vitals, that we never felt like we could ask questions, discuss our concerns, excitements or joys. With Kate we knew that our baby girl was healthy and thriving AND she sat with us to discuss our questions, our concerns and listened to our dreams of life with our baby. Marleigh was our precious gift and Kate was our rock, our guide and our birth companion that led us to the journey.
My birth plan shifted and we went to the hospital....... we can't imagine what it would have been like without Kate.  We were so vulnerable and still processing through the loss of a home birth.  Kate remained with us through the transition and birth of our baby girl.  She provided us with insight, strength, and emotional support that was priceless.  I cannot imagine the birth of Marleigh without my mate and Kate.

- Jennifer, Riverside

I had such an amazing experience with this birthing center. The midwives are so attentive, loving, and caring that they treat you like a friend, not a patient. I was able to call/text them at all hours with questions/concerns, and none of them ever made me feel like I was inconveniencing them in any way. In addition to them being extremely compassionate, they are also professional and very well-trained. I always felt safe and taken care of throughout my prenatal care and labor. They are all about the natural approach to things, and that is what I loved the most. I was encouraged to trust my body and my instincts. They never did anything without necessity, or without deeply considering the health and safety of both mother and baby. You can't get this level of care anywhere else. 

- Lindsay, Riverside

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From the very first phone call, I felt cared for.  I was having severe morning (more like all day and night) sickness and without even meeting me or knowing I would become a client, Genevieve suggested I switch to a food based prenatal. It was something so simple, but with that one suggestion, I already felt heard, which is something I was missing under my OB. Then, when I went in to meet them for the first time, Kate was very kind and took the time to answer all of mine and my mom’s questions (and we had a lot). I was sold. The rest of my care was very much the same as those first two meetings. The midwives checked on my daughter and also listened and showed compassion about the things I was going through. They always had time for me, my family, and our multitude of questions. My pregnancy was rough, but Kate and Genevieve made sure I knew I wasn’t alone. When it came time for my daughter’s actual birth, Genevieve’s support and gentleness helped keep me calm, even when we thought our out of hospital plans might be out the window. Thankfully they weren’t and my beautiful little girl was born in the birth center, on her due date, after about 8 hours of labor. And less than three hours later, we were home to sleep in our own bed. During the following checkups, Genevieve continued to support me and provide resources that helped me navigate the challenges of being a new mom. Choosing an out of hospital delivery at Family Centered Birth was the best decision I made for my little family, and if there is a second baby in our future we would choose this wonderful team again.

- Brittany, Riverside