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VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean)

Tell me about VBAC. How do you think women feel who have experienced a C-section?
Women are often traumatized by their caesarean. They often originally had plans for a natural birth, or plans at least for a vaginal birth. Somewhere along the line, that fell apart, and now they’re suffering with the trauma of having major abdominal surgery while trying to bond with their newborn and care for their newborn. There’s often a lot of processing that they need to do about their caesarean. They’re often fearful about what could go wrong and could it happen again. They’re fearful of birth. They may not have been fearful the first time they approached birth, but now their fearful because they’ve been traumatized by this surgery. Sometimes they have feelings that their body failed them—which isn’t true. Sometimes there was a valid reason for the caesarean, and sometimes there wasn’t a valid reason for it. So, they’re often looking for a place to bounce off the scenario that happened before and get feedback as to whether it was really necessary or not. They’re looking for a place to process—and they’re looking for a place to feel safe.

What kind of response do you think women typically get from their doctors—or do you know that they do get from their doctors—when they tell them that they want a VBAC?
Most doctors are very negative about the possibility of doing a VBAC. Sometimes they will get a doctor who says, “Yes, you can do a VBAC,” but when it gets close to it, it all changes. We call it a bait and switch. They promise to be supportive of a VBAC, but then you have to go in and deliver your baby between 36 and 38 weeks—because at 38 weeks they often schedule a repeat caesarean. That’s not truly supportive.

Do you serve women who want a VBAC?

How do you feel Family Centered Birth does at meeting this need in the community?
Very well. We have had many successful VBAC births, and we have helped many women process and overcome emotional trauma related to past births.

Can I really have a VBAC?

Having trouble finding an obstetrician that will support you attempting a VBAC?

You’ve come to the right place!

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From an interview with Kate Potthast, head midwife of Family Centered Birth:

We understand that you may have many questions about having a VBAC. We understand that you may have a lot to process and talk about. Our goal at Family Centered Birth is to help you have the safe and natural birth you are dreaming of!

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