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Does water birth really help with pain relief in labor?

For most people, yes! Water birth can provide safe, effective pain relief in labor, a more comfortable way to birth, and an easier transition into the world for your baby. Ask the midwife about the benefits of water birth during your free consultation. Whether you choose to birth at home or in our beautiful birth center, water birth is an option for you.  You'll never want to birth in a hospital again! 

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Go here to read the full interview with Kate Potthast, LM, CPM

Water Birth

Tell me about water birth. What’s so special about it?
Water birth is very relaxing for the mother. It often creates pain relief for her. It softens the tissues of the perineum, which makes it less likely for her to tear. It’s a gentler transition for baby—from inside the womb surrounded by water to being in a tub of warm water—before having to make the transition into air.

Do hospitals offer water birth?
No, not that I’m aware of. I don’t know of any area hospitals that offer a water birth option.

Why do you think women seek out water birth?
I think they are looking for that peaceful transition for their baby, and I think they’re looking for a pain relief alternative to medication. Many women report that water birth is effective for pain relief.

How does Family Centered Birth view water births and meet the desire of its clients here?
As long as it does not seem to interfere with the labor process or compromise the safety of the mother or baby in any way, we are very supportive of water birth. We provide a water birth option whether you are birthing at home with us or in our birth center.

Labor Pain Relief?

From an interview with Kate Potthast, head midwife of Family Centered Birth:

Have you heard about the pain relieving benefits of water birth?

Imagine birthing your baby naturally while submersed in a warm tub of water.

Imagine how the good feeling of being in that warm water offsets the sensations of labor pains.

Imagine bringing your baby into the world in the most gentle manner known for birthing.

At Family Centered Birth, we provide you a water birth option for birthing in water in the safety and comfort of your own home. B
irth pool rental is always included with our services. Whether you choose to labor in a tub of warm water for pain relief, birth in the warm water for the benefits of you and your baby, or both, we support your choices!

Our goal is to help you have the safe and happy birth you are dreaming of!

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